Calligraphy Kit for Beginners

Winter is almost over down under and I found myself learning calligraphy lately. The joy of challenging oneself to try on different art forms feels liberating. Calligraphy is definitely one of those art forms that I have neglected to pay attention to when growing up.

I have tried on different tools to learn and realised that the most important material does not lie on the quality of tools. The desire to learn, practice and motivation to improve are more important above all things.

To all those who would love to start practicing calligraphy, I put together the most basic kit you will need to start your journey. The Calligraphy Kit for Beginners can be purchased through my Etsy shop.

IMG_7740 (1)The Calligraphy Kit for Beginners includes the following:

  • 1 box of Calligraphy writing kit:
    • 1 calligraphy pen
    • 3 nibs
    • 1 brush
    • 1 bottle of black ink
    • calligraphy guide
  • 3pcs. A4 sheets with different calligraphy styles with grid lines
  • 10 pcs. A4 sheets of blank paper with calligraphy grid lines

IMG_7734 (1)IMG_7741 (1)IMG_7742 (1)

For those who already have a beginner’s writing kit, you can download my Printable Calligraphy Practice Sheet through my Etsy shop as well.

Happy writing!