Hong Kong: Tsim Sha Tsui

The bustling city that is Hong Kong has been known to hold the record of most expensive housing due to its limited land area, thus, all islands have been crowded by tall buildings to cram all residential units and offices – often the regional offices in the Asia Pacific.

IMG_1762 copyAmidst its country-wide urban atmosphere, highly populated areas, and its heavy road and foot traffic, I have always considered Hong Kong as a place of sanctuary. It’s my personal reminder of simplicity and genuine happiness. I first step foot into this metropolitan jungle when I was five years old, and had often trips into this country until I finished my bachelor’s degree. It has always been my run-to place for vacation and relaxation more than any neighbouring countries in the Asia Pacific. Ironic as it may seem to what Hong Kong really is, sometimes, a place can never dictate the heart’s true desires.

Here are some of my shots in Tsim Sha Tsui during one of my trips in Hong Kong way back in 00’s.