Milkshake Wallpaper

Now that winter has officially come and it’s relatively freezing down here in the Southern Hemisphere while the rest of the world is enjoying the summer heat, it’s easy to say that people here are craving for a tall glass of milkshake.

milkshake kawaii

Cheers to everyone! Whether you’re enjoying your summer or waiting for winter to end, this Downloadable Milkshake Wallpaper 1280×800 or 2400 x 1800 size are free for you to use. It also comes with an iPhone 6 wallpaper version.




Printable Thank You Postcard

Thank You Postcard SAMPLE

As a form of appreciation to everyone who remembered me on my birthday, I made a printable Thank You Postcard which I designed for everyone to use. It’s easily printable at home and doesn’t take up so much ink. 😉

Download the templates here >> A6 Thank You Postcard Template – Front Side and A6 Reverse Side

Postcards are A6 in size.

Thank you everyone!