Sleep Well With Laneige Sleeping Masks | Review


We can all agree that everyone needs a beauty sleep at night. With all the variety of activities we do everyday, the overall schedule of people have dramatically became extremely hectic throughout the decades. It is undeniable that the skin needs extra pampering at night to maximise the beneficial effects of the much-deserved beauty sleep. Thanks to Laneige sleeping masks for making it possible!


Following the success of the water sleeping pack that was first introduced in 2002, the NEW Laneige Water Sleeping Mask immediately captured the hearts of the market worldwide. It was launched alongside with the NEW Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask that complements well with its moisturising effect. Both comes in matching sealed frosted jars with spatulas for hygienic purposes.


History of Laneige Water Sleeping Packs:screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-4-24-34-pm

Source: Laneige Official Website


Water Sleeping Mask (With Sleep-tox™ purifying effect)


I have been a huge fan of Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX since it was launched in 2009. I can’t imagine what my skin could’ve been if I didn’t supplement my skin’s nutrition with this product during the period in my life where I barely get 5 hours continuous sleep at night due to my busy ad agency lifestyle proceeding my thesis year. That’s why I was so hyped when they improved it to  much more better product that not only extremely nourishes the skin, but also improves the length and quality of sleep!

It comes in a blue frosted 70ml jar that has a screw lid to keep its moisture intact for long use. It also comes with a transparent spatula as it always does to keep the rest of the product free from contamination for long use.


  • Moisturzes and revitalizes skin
  • Clarifies skin overnight
  • Improves the quality of sleep, thus, improving the moisturising effect
  • Provides skin a healthy glow
  • Refines old skin to achieve a smooth finish
  • Skin soothing effect

Good for:

  • Both dehydrated and well moisturised skin
  • All skin types
  • Sleep deprived people

How to Use:

  • Do your regular skin care regime (facial wash, toner, moisturizer etc) then apply a generous amount on the face by spreading gently and patting it on the skin. Have your well-deserved beauty rest and let the magic happens overnight. Wake up with a smooth, healthy glowing and moisturised skin.

Detailed Product Information: Laneige Official Website


Special Ingredients: SLEEP-TOX™ Technology, MOISTURE WRAP™ and SLEEPSCENT™

Apparently, the new technology of the new and innovated Laneige Water Sleeping Mask has clinically proven to improve both the quality of sleep and the moisturising effect of the product with continuous use. This product is perfect for those who live in areas with extreme dry and cold seasons. Down here in Melbourne, we rarely experience hot and humid weathers even on summer season, known as the place in Australia with 4 seasons a day, this product is perfect for regular use all throughout the year.


The table below shows the moisturizing effect of Laneige Water Sleeping Mask:


Clinical Test conducted by Laneige using this product (Source: Laneige Official Website)


TEXTURE | Smooth, light and gel-type

SCENT | Lightly scented and refreshing

COLOUR | Light blue, transparent

APPLICATION | Transparent once applied on skin

PRICE | AU$45.00 (Inc. GST)

PROS | Great in moisturising the skin. It is very light and refreshing when applied compared to heavy and thick moisturisers. It leaves the skin supple in the morning and it maintains moisture on the skin even on winter season.

CONS | My combination type skin sometimes shows some breakouts and the tub only lasts for 4-6 months when used 2-3 times a week.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Verdict: I will continuously use it as part of my regular regime, 2-3 times a week.



Lip Sleeping Mask (With Vitamin C-rich Berry Mix ComplexTM)detail-1

I have accepted the fact that my dry lips stays dry with me forever that’s why my skin care regime always include a lip scrub every morning, beeswax as my lip moisturiser and a regular lip balm that I carry with me wherever I go. Laneige introducing the NEW Lip Sleeping Mask is heaven’s sent to supplement my regime. It comes in a pink frosted 20g jar that has a seal cover and a screw lid to keep its moisture intact for long use. It also comes with a cute pink rubber spatula and a case to keep it neat and hygienic, free from dust.


  • Moistens sleep at the most beneficial time
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Wake up with supple luscious lips

Good for:

  • Extremely dry lips
  • Frequent wearer of lip make up

How to Use:

  • Do your regular skin care regime (facial wash, toner, moisturizer etc) then apply a generous amount on the lips by spreading gently and leaving it on overnight. In the morning, scrub off dead skin cells and extra dry skin.

Detailed Product Information: Laneige Official Website


Special ingredients: Vitamin C-rich Berry Mix ComplexTM

Apparently, the new technology, Vitamin C-rich Berry Mic ComplexTM, contains raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry extracts erases dry, flaky dead skin on the lips during the night to realize smooth and supple lips the next morning. You can never get enough berries than this little product right here!


TEXTURE | Rich, thick, heavy and gel-type

SCENT | Lightly scented, sweet

COLOUR | Light pink, transparent

APPLICATION | Transparent with pink hue once applied on skin. Feels like a very thick lip balm masking the entire lips while you sleep.

PRICE | AU$30.00 (Inc. GST)

PROS | Moisturised the lips just as fine. It leaves the lips, soft and supple in the morning. It maintains moisture on the lips after prolonged use for those like me with dry lips.

CONS | Possibility of smudging while asleep and it’s very thick and has a heavy filling once applied.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Verdict: I will continuously use it as part of my regular regime, 2-3 times a week.


Laneige never fails to produce high quality and effective skin care products. These are totally worth investing on when it comes to moisturising especially when the magic happens on the most important time of the night. When you’re having your beauty sleep!

**This is an honest, non-paid, personal review of the products I religiously use.

Berry x Mauve

I have been experimenting combining two or more colours in painting my nails to make it less too common and show a bit of my quirkiness. I gathered all my nail polishes and ended up combining two of them – Sally Hansen’s Berry Important and Mauve Along.

My normal nail paints is either a plain natural colour for everyday wear or something more striking and bright on spring and summer seasons. Good thing I’ve been having spare times lately to explore a bit of my creativity through trying out different things.

(L-R) Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat, Dashing Diva Cuticle Nectar, Sally Hansen Berry Important 543, Sally Hansen Mauve Along 374 and The Face Shop Nail Dot Pen (white).

I believe a nail art should be suitable to the shape and length of the nail because some arts require a lot of space especially those with intricate details. Also, the capability of the one doing it should be taken in consideration.

In my case, I do it to myself rather than going to a salon and spend over AU$20 just for a manicure + depending on the type of nail polish I have chosen. That’s just too expensive! I’m so glad my mom taught me how to do my own manicure since I was 11 years old. This way, I’m certain that my tools are sanitised and very personal unlike going to a salon and sharing the same tools with other people. It’s one of my pet peeves >.> *health conscious*

I like keeping my nails as short as possible for convenience in cooking/baking, doing house chores, working with my hands and spending hours in front of the computer. So, for my short nails I have chosen the V-style 2-colour combination (I just made up that term by the way *LOL*) to make it appear longer, not too young for my age of 24, and still work appropriate for my day job.

My Manicure Kit: (L-R) 4-Step Buffering Block, Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, nail brush, emery board, cuticle pusher and a nipper (which is not in the picture *oopsie*) ^^;

My step-by-step process:

Step 1: A manicure. It’s very important to clean your nails first before applying nail polish to ensure that your hands are bacteria-free from all the  work you’ve done in a week. This step includes buffering your nails and removing excess cuticles.

Step 2: I applied the base coat to protect and avoid my nails from turning yellow after applying nail polish. I believe this is an important step as well especially if you’re the type of person who does not go out of the house with bare nails. I used Sally Hansen’s Diamond Shine that also provide stronger nails. Win-win isn’t it?

Step 3: I applied my base colours alternately. Sally Hansen Berry Important on my ring and index fingers, then Sally Hansen Mauve Along for the rest of the fingers. I’ve already worn bright red last week so I wanted to tone down on the red this week. ^^

Step 4: Let it dry. If there’s one thing I learned from applying nail polish, it is “patience is key” to a perfect finish. I’m usually the type of person who jumps from one activity to another – I get bored easily. (Must be a gemini’s thing. >.>) Thus, I end up with scratches or fingerprints on my nails most of the time.

Step 5: Applying the second colour in V-shape. Cover the nails using plain sticker strips or masking tape and leave the part of the second colour to be painted on. This way, it’s easy to apply the second colour! I applied Berry on top of Mauve and the other way around. Let it dry again.

Step 6: Cover imperfections between the two colours by applying white dots using The Face Shop’s Nail Dot Pen in white. I got this before I left the Philippines in 2012 for Php 150.00 in their Glorietta branch and still it’s not dried up at all. Talk about getting your money’s worth. 😀 

Again, let it dry. This time, since the white paint is a bit 3D, it requires more time to dry up.

Step 7: Apply top coat to protect the nail art. I used Sally Hansen’s Diamond Shine again since it serves as both base and top coat! It promises not only to provide high-gloss, but also it’s quick drying, it prevents your nails from chipping and extends the wear of your nail colour up to 10 days! Isn’t it a bargain?

Finally, the last and my most favourite step that most people skip.

Step 7: Apply cuticle nectar. Most people would apply hand lotion, which is totally fine but this formula is especially designed to make your cuticle moisturised and healthy with that salon finish look. *wink wink* I got mine at Dashing Diva in Greenbelt 5 branch before I left the Philippines. *LOL* I hoarded a lot of skin care products before I left.

And that’s it. It only took me 1 ½ hours to do everything, which is already a quick one for me. >.> Last week, I spent 3 hours using one nail polish. Haha! Amateur~



I’ve been using HADA LABO Goku-jyun moisturising skin care for about six months now and it deserves a review. After all the rave in and out Japan, I finally gave in, tried it and it did not disappoint at all.


HADA LABO Goku-jyun is a particular line of HADA LABO provide intense hydration by harnessing the water-binding power of Super Hyaluronic Acid. It’s a system to cleanse, hydrate, and treat your skin for healthy looking, more youthful, and beautifully radiant results.

I’m not using all products in the line since I’m using a Shu Uemura Porefinist Anti-Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil as my make up remover and a generic non-foaming facial wash to cleanse my face. I don’t opt for classy and rich in soap facial wash since my Shue Uemura cleanser does all the work! It’s like magic and a sweet candy treat for my skin.


I only chose three of the products that would suit the Melbourne weather here in Australia. To give you an idea, Melbourne is a city known to have four seasons in one day. Even in summer, it can be cold in the morning drying the skin. And the heat of summer is dry enough to vaporise the sweat and damage the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.


Among all the products in Goku-jyun line, I have been using three of them: The HADA LABO Goku-jyun Clear Lotion for my toner, HADA LABO Goku-jyun Serum for my essence and the HADA LABO Goku-jyun Milk for my moisturiser. From time to time, I’m also using the HADA LABO Goku-jyun Mask every two weeks for a spa-like treatment for my skin.


For a start, applying the products are super easy! You don’t need any cotton pads for application. After washing my face, I squeeze a few drops of HADA LABO Goku-jyun Clear Lotion to my palm and pat it on my face until the skin thoroughly absorbs the product. It feels so refreshing to pat it on a freshly washed face. Even if it looks clear and serves as a toner, it’s actually a moisturiser too that prepares the skin for the ultimate hydration from the rest of the products.

You can watch the TV commercial to see how it is applied. Watch it here >>

If your skin does not need extra hydration like me who lives in a cold dry place, it is also recommended to use this product alone. Toner and moisturiser in one bottle!


Next, a couple of pumps of HADA LABO Goku-jyun Serum would do to boost the moisturiser that I put afterwards. It’s a highly concentrated formula that hydrates even the driest part of the skin. In Japanese and Korean skin care, this particular step is very important in moisturising the skin. It helps the skin absorb all the wonders of any moisturiser you use thus making this the most expensive among all the products in the line. But in HADA LABO’s case, all the products are affordable because everyone deserves proper skin care.

My Malaysian boss who is actually over 60 years old use this alone and does not apply any make up on her skin everyday. Yet her skin is extremely moisturised and clear. I wish I would have that kind of skin when I reach her age.


Lastly, when my skin has absorbed the essence, time to put on the milky goddess HADA LABO Goku-jyun Milk. It provides deep nourishing hydration and skin-smoothing conditioners for the face and neck.

What I love about HADA LABO Goku-jyun skin care line is that no matter how much product you put on top of one another, it still feels light and not sticky for the day. It actually makes my make up stay longer and lasting. Plus, it’s affordable and suits any one. It’s the basic moisturising line that HADA LABO offers.


For those who want extra anti-aging or brightening products, you can try their two other product lines. My mum is using the HADA LABO Goku-jyun Alpha for anti-aging and firmer results. And they also offer HADA LABO Shiro-jyun for luminous skin.