About Mikaela Song

Mikaela Song is a 1990 millenial living in the land in between – Melbourne, Australia. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree Majoring in Advertising and Public Relations with Honours at the prestigious tertiary school exclusively for women under the Religious of the Assumption.

She started her career as an in-house as the Creative Director (graduated as Internal Vice President) for the university in 2006 and as a featured writer for the university paper. She was trained under the guidance of Publicis Group and Leo Burnett advertising agencies, joined the workforce of Events Management and eventually became a Public Relations practitioner for an international company.

Upon moving to Australia, she freelanced as a Marketing Communications specialist and as a content editor for some websites specialising in watchmaking.

She is currently studying Psychological Sciences part-time at Deakin University whilst working full-time as a Senior RSE focusing on business administration, operations and people management for a luxury watch retailer that operates in Australasia.

Through this blog and her Quora account – Mikaela Song, she’s hoping to share her thoughts and the wonders of the world to positively influence and hopefully inspire people from across the globe.